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in the following we would like to tell you about our company and product development.< / strong>< / p>

1) company< / strong>< / p>

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legal address: Harju County, Kesklinna district, Parda tn 8, 10151 Tallinn, Estonia (reg.nr. 14398822)< / p>

Office Address: Sepa 15g, Tartu, Estonia< / p>

we manufacture and sell the following products from birch wood: beds, rib bases, cutting boards, firewood (from production waste). We sell these products in 15 Western European countries. We are available in online stores: Amazon, eBay, Real, Hood, etc. We also sell online Hansales.eu/.fi/.ee/.se/.dk/.uk/.fr/.it /. es.< / p> < p>Hansales has warehouses in Estonia, Finland, Germany in Sweden (Amazon) from where we deliver products to customers. Representative of Finland and Sweden Jari Marjomaa, tel +35850-5757211 WhatsApp. SEE ALSO Facebook "Hansales Sweden".

we believe that our customer's advantage is 1) high quality and durable products 2) affordable pricing 3) individual customer service 4) environmentally friendly production of natural materials.

we do not treat the wooden surface with artificial substances or chemicals, so our product is odorless and suitable for allergy sufferers.

Customer Satisfaction and their feedback guide our business. On the e-shop you can get acquainted with the product reviews of customers.

you can find our customers ' evaluations of our products and services for example at this link:

https://www.trustami.com/erfahrung/hansales-eu-bewertung< / p>

2) Product Development< / strong>< / p>

our company has been operating in the Sawmill Market since 1996 and we continue to supply FSC ® (FSC-C139998) certified birch wood worldwide. We started manufacturing the beds many years ago, the idea started from the fact that one person in our company's management team needed an ideal bed because of the constant back pain. On the recommendation of the doctor, he compared different beds on the market, but could not find a suitable option.

in the end, we decided to try to build a good quality bed ourselves. In practice, we tested many different ideas that would create a ”perfect bed”. It should be strong and durable, made of wood. It should support your back properly, which will help relieve back pain and sleep well.

our wood bed turned out to be a success. We first made them only a few dozen copies against pre-orders. Encouraged by the excellent feedback, we began serial production. No one initially expected such popularity. Now we have thousands of satisfied customers.

what materials do we use?< / strong>< / p>

we chose Birch as a material for the bed for the following reasons: it is an environmentally friendly, durable and long-lasting type of wood with antibacterial and antifungal properties. Therefore, Birch can be used to make furniture without finishing, chemicals and toxins. Taking care of our own health and the environment is important for each of us and must always be taken into account. We do not use varnish and paint - all materials are natural, which also helps to keep the prices of our products affordable for customers. In production, each part passes through people's hands, which ensures the high quality of our products. Quality and environmental friendliness are more important to us than the highest possible production volume and low unit cost. This is confirmed by the International FSC ® certificate issued to us, which you can see on our website. Company Hansales is growing and developing, but the most valuable for us is good sleep and health of our satisfied customers.

How did we find the "perfect bed"?< / strong>< / p>

based on tests and studies, we were able to conclude that the strength and rigidity of the ribbed base of the bed is the most important. When none of the solutions on the market met the criteria, we decided to make the bottom of the bed ourselves and chose the best quality Birch as the material. We tested various structural solutions and chose the optimal, i.e. Premium ribbed base.

so we specialize in creating beds for customers who appreciate good sleep and back health! At the moment, we also plan to launch a full range of bedding - mattresses and mattress covers. In addition, we expand our range to natural home decor. The new line includes: armchair, bedside table, wood fire and birch cutting boards. We make the perfect line of natural material in small steps.

Hansales OU, Harju maakond, Kesklinna linnaosa, Parda tn 8, 10151 Tallinn, Estonia (Reg.nr. 14398822)< / p>