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      The bed slat is the most important part of the bed. Boards made of birch wood are durable and inflexible, which makes our ribbed base a better base for the mattress than cheaper slats made of pine wood. Our selection includes Standard (25 boards) and Premium (41 boards). The more boards, the better the weight distribution of the boards and the ventilation of the mattress. Our bed slats are suitable for all types of beds. We also sell support bars for attaching to bed frames, on which the bed slat is attached (see the beds / Accessories menu).

      * a German Research Institute tested lamella bases: "if you don't need an adjustable head or foot section, choose a simple bed slat that is as rigid as possible"

      < em>*Stiftung Warentest, original article from 24.09.2015 "Matratzenkauf und Slattenroste. You did not fall for these Bluffs“: "those who do not need an adjustable head or foot part should choose a simple, as rigid as possible grate”< / em>< / p>

      TIPS! Test the condition of your old lamella base. If you sleep better on a mattress placed on the floor than on a bed, you should immediately replace with the more solid Hansales bed slat.

      TIPS!: You can replace slats with a motorized bed base, for example. Contact our customer service for more information. Get in touch!

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      “now I can sleep better without back pain” - reviews on the bed slats –< / a>< / p>

      22 products

      22 products