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translation: I finally sleep well. I slept for over a year on a poor-quality lamellar base. I would already throw away my bed. Then I found out about these (Hansales) rib bottoms. OH, MY GOD! I CAN'T WAIT TO SLEEP NOW! My mattress is actually solid, it has no pit in the middle and I don't have to ”rob a bank” to buy a new bed. Praise!

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translation: fantastic product. I had bought a used double bed frame a few months earlier and already gave it up because of my joint pain every morning. I had no previous experience with wooden beds. I clarified the question, and the problem turned out to be the slats on the bottom of the bed and their too large gaps. I concluded that the best solution could be to change the lamella base. After reading the product reviews, I finally got a Hansales ribbed bottom and I have not regretted my decision. The delivery of the ribbed base was fast and it was very easy to install (even for a woman of 60 years!). I sleep well again and I no longer have joint pain in the morning. Thank You Hansales!

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translation: exactly what I need. These (Hansales ribbed) boards are insanely much stronger than a regular slatted base. My wife and I have back problems if we sleep on regular flexible slats, but not when the mattress is on the floor, and these slats are actually as sturdy as a hard floor. It was a bit tricky to install them on a 150 cm wide IKEA bed because the (slat) length of 755 mm is 5 mm too long, but in the end we succeeded.

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try this before you throw away your mattress. If you are not sure which of them is the problem, the slatted base or the mattress, try sleeping one night on your mattress on the floor and try if you can sleep better. We did it and it became clear to us that the reason was found in the lamella base. So we ordered these (Hansales ribbed).

they cover the bottom of the bed remarkably well, considering that they are not as wide as ordinary slats. The distance between the slats is appropriate. They are secured with bandages and must be properly placed. The boards are thick and durable. We are really happy because we sleep significantly better ... just as if the mattress was lying on the floor because it is so firmly in place.

I was ready to buy a new mattress, but this little experiment was really worth it and my bank account is satisfied!

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translation: really good bed slat. We have changed our standard to a (Hansales) bed slat. The difference is like night and day. We can finally sleep well. The ribbed is of very high quality (it could not be determined by the packaging when we received it). The boards are solid and straight. The installation is very simple and I installed both rib bottoms in less than 10 minutes. I had been looking for a lamella base for a long time that is stable and ”hard”. I can really recommend this. Customer service for delivery is also very good (I bought directly from the manufacturer!)