Are you looking for the perfect bed? With this advice, you will succeed

did you know that the secret to a good night's sleep is hidden under your mattress? According to bed manufacturer Hansales ' expert, the most important part of a bed is a rigid and inflexible slatted base. The Nordic Birch forms a timeless, durable and beautiful frame around it.< / strong>< / p>

an inflexible slatted base is the heart of a bed and the best base for any mattress. The slatted bottom has two important missions: to support the mattress and ensure its ventilation.

- a good slatted base is durable and inflexible. If both the mattress and the slatted base are flexible, it results in a wrong sleeping position as well as a sore back and sore shoulders, says bed and slatted base manufacturer Hansale's Finnish representative Jari Marjomaa.

nevertheless, according to him, many manufacturers save precisely on the slatted base.

- it is not visible, which is why it is easy to take the shortcut and make a slatted base out of poor quality Pine. Even a good Pine is like wood too soft and flexible and thus does not provide the necessary support for the mattress.

a solid slatted bottom ensures a good night's sleep and a healthy back. Hansales ' Birch slatted base is suitable for all beds. If necessary, mounting assistance can be obtained from support slats, which can be ordered separately.< / em>< / p>

< br> Hansale's slatted base is made of hard and durable Nordic Birch, which does not bend or break over time. There are two models: standard with 25 slats and 41 slat premium.

- the more slats, its better weight distribution of the mattress and the person's weight as well as ventilation, Marjomaa ends.

factbox: Test the condition of your old slatted floor!< / em>< / strong>< / p>

are you sleeping badly? Do you wake up with a sore back and sore shoulders? Lay your mattress on the bare floor for a couple of nights. If you sleep better on the floor, it's time to get a new, solid slatted base for your bed.< / em>< / p>

an improved version of futon< / strong>< / p>

in addition to slatted bases, Hansale's collection includes three different bed types.

a low-frame Eliise Futon is the favorite trend bed of young people and young adults in particular, combining a high-quality slatted base and a neutral stylish bed frame.

both a regular and a futon mattress fit in the frame.

- a futon bed without headboard and Edge is a real space saver and gives even in a small bedroom more freedom of movement and spatial perception. In addition, the eye-catcher of a modern apartment is simple and easy to transport, which is why it can be taken with you, for example, the summer cottage, Marjomaa suggests.

Eliise futon's lightweight but durable birch frame holds up to 300 kilos. The low frame can be obtained 70-120 cm wide, whereby a combination of two wide frames can provide up to 240 cm wide bed.< / em>< / p>

senior bed makes life easier< / p>

over time, you do not avoid losing muscle power and it becomes more difficult to get out of bed.

- the Finnish population is getting older, but wants to stay at home for as long as possible. A higher bed is an inexpensive way to ease life. When it's easy to get out of bed, you don't need a special nursing bed, Marjomaa notes.

the standard height of an ordinary bed frame is 38 cm. Hansale's senior bed with a height of 55 cm, developed for pensioners and people with difficulty walking, is so precisely higher, that it is easier to go to bed and get up.

- the increased height is best achieved just at a higher frame. A thicker or extra mattress is not the right solution, as it only increases the immersion of the bed. It can result in back and shoulder pain and thus in further inconvenience in standing up, Marjomaa advises.

Hansale's senior bed is taller than a regular bed. The stylish Birch bed is available 80-200 cm wide and can be ordered with or without a slatted base.

< / em>< / p>

factbox: Test your bed height!< / em>< / strong>< / p>

is your bed including mattress at least at your knee height? Do your feet reach down to the floor when you sit on your bed? If both criteria are met, your bed has the right height for you to stand up unencumbered. If you want additional height for your bed, look at Hansale's senior beds.< / em>< / p>

a bright Birch bed according to the Finnish taste< / strong>< / p>

Hansale's standard height wooden bed is a stylish choice for any Finnish home. It, like all other untreated Birch beds from Hansales, fits Nordic interior design and maintains its bright surface with each passing year.

according to Marjomaa, Birch as a furniture material has many other advantages.

- Birch is more compact than other tree species, which is why the furniture does not get scratches or flaws even in hard use. An untreated Birch also has antibacterial properties and prevents the occurrence of fungal diseases: according to a German Research, coronaviruses and other microbes die faster on an untreated wooden surface than a treated one.

< br>Hansales wooden bed in standard height is available 60-200 cm wide with standard or premium slatted base. A bed made of durable Birch can withstand 700 kilograms of load. You can, of course, buy a bed frame without a slatted base, if you need, for example, a bed frame. wish to keep your old motorized bed base and mount it in a new Hansales bed frame.< / em>< / p>

an untreated Birch without chemicals is also a safe material for easily irritated and allergic people.

- a healthy indoor climate is achieved by using as many bare, air-purifying wooden surfaces as possible, Marjomaa points out.

- of course you can varnish, oil or paint the surface however you want. But you don't have to be nervous about soiling, because birch is dirt-repellent and easily stays clean in bedrooms.

< br>Hansales also produces shorter or longer beds according to special orders.< / em>< / p>

factbox: did you know, that...?< / em>< / strong>< / p>

< em>Hansale beds and slatted bases are an ecological choice. They are produced by FSC ® (FSC-C139998) certified, i.e. sustainably produced, Birch. In addition, the environment is taken into account, for example. use of excess wood: from it, cutting boards and firewood are prepared.< / em>< / p> < / div> < / div> < / div> < / div> < / div>